Michael R. Houston

Mr. Houston is the founder of Houston Legal. He has a wide range of experience representing companies and individuals in a number of capacities. His career includes representing private companies, from start-ups to acquired entities to family owned businesses. His representation has covered transactions in a variety of industries including: construction; real estate financing; real estate development; manufacturing; mortgage and banking services; sports management; gaming; software development; retail franchises; heavy machinery; amusement machines; publishing; entertainment and government affairs.

Mr. Houston began his career in civil litigation, providing him with a unique perspective on the costs and pitfalls associated with untended legal disputes. He then transitioned his practice to the representation of corporate clients in a variety of transactional matters. His business practice led to a position as Chief General Counsel for an entrepreneurial holding company, and its numerous subsidiaries. In that capacity, he also served in many business capacities by performing business development, business strategy and financial affairs duties.

His duties also included providing advice and counsel to the Board of Managers and its Advisory Board, which included New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and former HUD Secretary and Vice-Presidential candidate Jack Kemp.

Mr. Houston’s subsequent private practice includes assisting manufacturers with contract, liability, regulatory and initial public offering matters. He has also advised real estate developers with acquisition, financing and construction issues. In addition to this experience, he provides services in countless other ways to clients in all industries. He advises companies on corporate governance matters, bank financings, private equity, intellectual property issues, employment law and government affairs issues.

Mr. Houston’s breadth of experience has informed his perspective and shaped his ability to advise and consult on business and non-business issues facing any type of company. His accomplishments include:

  • Counsel for a developer in regard to a $115 Million public finance transaction to construct a state-of-the-art federal government facility.
  • Counsel to client in regard to salvaging a $45 Million private/public project contract.
  • Helped shape industry and regulatory interpretation of appraisal industry through the formulation of business policies and strategies.
  • Resolved $10 Million residential real estate development litigation. Secured involvement of third party developer allowing parties to settle litigation. Directed litigation in the dispute and negotiated settlement between parties.
  • Executed numerous acquisitions, dispositions and mergers of private companies including negotiation of sale terms, drafting of all deal documents and management of due diligence.
  • Negotiated and oversaw all legal aspects of numerous multi-million dollar credit facilities ranging from $20 Million to $500,000.
  • Negotiated and drafted agreements on behalf of various companies, ranging from services agreements tied to millions of dollars in revenue, acquisition agreements dealing with the sale and purchase of corporate assets, licensing agreements across multiple industries and various international transactions. Routinely drafted agreements for and negotiated deals regarding the sale and purchase of real estate for properties valued in excess of one million dollars.
  • Represented interests of various companies with government entities at the state and federal level including, Attorneys General from multiple states and federal regulatory agencies.
  • Created and implemented intellectual property policies for companies in varying industries including: drafting and negotiating non-disclosure/non-use agreements with all clients, customers and internal personnel; trademark applications for all entities; managed outside counsel for patent application process initiated by two separate entities.
  • Conducted private placement of membership interests, including drafting of offering memorandum, drafting of subscription agreements, regulatory research regarding the private placement and drafting of all company documents regarding the new class of membership interest offered through the private placement.
  • First chair in numerous criminal and civil litigation cases and conducted oral arguments in numerous courts of appeals.